Our Guidance

Market Entry Support

The international market is very difficult and challenging for Indonesian suppliers to enter and starting the business, there are a lot of complex barriers and restriction in many aspects. With proven experience, we are here helping you addressing the challenges.

Market Intelligence and Research

We help you to understand and analyse the potential existing market and products, customers, barriers, competitors, etc. Our dedicated team with strong skills focusing on specific sectors will assist and advice your organization to understand the market studies and the “real” business opportunities after-market validation processes.

International Business Networks

We support the Indonesian companies at every step with strategic business planning, identify, mapping and engage with international partners that have strong need or desire for your product or service.

Market Visit Programme

Market visit enables you to maximize foreign market opportunities which you plan to trade. Visiting your target market will give your ability to witness and help you to validate the market opportunities through business forum, workshop, conferences, delegations, etc

Coaching Program

We offer specific coaching program in all sectors including product development, planning, pricing, standards, licensing, certifications, marketing strategy, deal with buyers, market access requirement, etc.